‘State capture’ by private interests explains why, no matter which major party forms government in Australia, powerful and well-connected industries always seem to win.  FELICITY RUBY and SCOTT LUDLAM16 MAY 2022 ‘State capture’ by fossil fuel, defence and other powerful industries is more systematic and entrenched than corruption but falls short of the definition ofContinue reading “DEMOCRACY IN DANGER”


The weapons companies spruiking the ‘benefits and opportunities’ of the wars in Ukraine and Yemen and tensions in the South China Sea are infiltrating our schools. MICHELLE FAHY31 MARCH 2022 A Lockheed Martin missile blows up a school bus in Yemen, while in Australia the company gains kudos by sponsoring the National Youth Science Forum.Continue reading “REPUTATION LAUNDERING”


One in six Australian federal parliamentarians have accepted free overseas trips since the last election, with strategic flash-points Taiwan and Israel the most popular destinations paid for by lobbyists and foreign governments. SEAN JOHNSON25 JANUARY 2022 At least 39 federal MPs and senators – one in six parliamentarians – have enjoyed junkets since the lastContinue reading “JUNKETS AND INFLUENCE”


How the military-industrial complex has captured Australia’s top strategic advisory body MICHELLE FAHY DECLASSIFIED AUSTRALIA 9 DECEMBER 2021 The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has veered away from its founding vision of providing an array of independent diverse views, to now promote an aggressive militaristic solution to the heightened tensions in Australia’s region. The Australian StrategicContinue reading “AUSTRALIA CAPTURED”