ALISON BROINOWSKI is an Australian former diplomat, academic and author. Her books and articles concern Australia’s interactions with the world. She is President of Australians for War Powers Reform.

SCOTT BURCHILL has a PhD and is Honorary Fellow at Deakin University. He is the author of The National Interest in International Relations Theory (Palgrave Macmillan 2005), Misunderstanding International Relations (Palgrave Macmillan 2020). He has also taught at Monash University, University of Melbourne and University of Tasmania, and is a regular commentator on ABC Radio and TV.

MICHELLE FAHY is an independent writer and researcher, specialising in the examination of connections between the weapons industry and government, and has written in various independent publications. She is on twitter @FahyMichelle, and on Substack at UndueInfluence.substack.com

CLINTON FERNANDES is Professor of International and Political Studies at the University of New South Wales. A former intelligence officer in the Australian Army, Clinton specialises in strategic studies with a focus on international relations and strategy, especially on issues concerning the national interests of Australia. His latest book, Subimperial Power: Australia in the International Arena, by Clinton Fernandes, is published by Melbourne University Publishing. 

NICKY HAGER is an investigative reporter and author of seven books. He has written widely on New Zealand and allied intelligence operations, including two books. His latest book, Hit & Run, on civilian casualties during an NZSAS raid in Afghanistan, led to a major government inquiry.

JENNY HOCKING is an award-winning author, Emeritus Professor at Monash University, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, and inaugural Distinguished Whitlam Fellow at the Whitlam Institute, Western Sydney University. She is the author of numerous books including the highly acclaimed two-volume biography of Gough Whitlam, and her latest book The Palace Letters: The Queen, the governor-general, and the plot to dismiss Gough Whitlam.

PETER JOB helped run a clandestine radio network in northern Australia in 1978 receiving messages from Fretilin inside East Timor, including about the forced famine. Peter has now completed a PhD in International and Political Studies from the University of New South Wales in Canberra. His new book, A Narrative of Denial: Australia and the Indonesian Violation of East Timor, was published by Melbourne University Publishing in 2021. @JobPeterjob1

SEAN JOHNSON is a former Liberal ministerial adviser and public affairs consultant, and is the founder of Open Politics, an online resource providing increased public scrutiny of the private interests of Australian federal politicians.

MARY KOSTAKIDIS is a journalist, presented SBS World News for two decades, and is a former Chair of USYD’s Sydney Peace Foundation. Her Op-Ed articles have included matters surrounding Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks. She has covered Julian Assange’s extradition court proceedings live on Twitter. @MaryKostakidis

SCOTT LUDLAM is a writer, activist and former Australian Greens Senator. His latest book is Full Circle: A search for the world that comes next.

PHIL MILLER is a journalist and author. He is Declassified UK’s chief reporter, and is the author of Keenie Meenie: The British Mercenaries Who Got Away With War Crimes. Follow him on Twitter at @pmillerinfo 

FELICITY RUBY is a PhD candidate at Sydney University undertaking research on surveillance and democracy. She is the co-editor of A Secret Australia: Revealed by the WikiLeaks exposés.

KELLIE TRANTER is a lawyer, researcher, and human rights advocate. She tweets from @KellieTranter

SASHA UZUNOV is a photo journalist, film maker, researcher, and a former Australian soldier. His documentary film ‘Timor Tour of Duty’ was awarded a Platinum Reel Award from the 2009 Nevada Film Festival in the US.

PETER CRONAU is an award-winning investigative journalist, writer, and film-maker. His documentaries have appeared on ABC TV’s Four Corners and Radio National’s Background Briefing. He is an editor and cofounder of DECLASSIFIED AUSTRALIA.

ANTONY LOEWENSTEIN is an independent journalist, author and film-maker who has written for the Guardian, New York Times and many others. He is an editor and cofounder of DECLASSIFIED AUSTRALIA.