Declassified Australia investigates under-reported aspects of Australia’s military, intelligence, diplomatic, and foreign affairs landscape. All of this costs both time and money.

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The key funding source for Declassified Australia is through regular subscriptions from our readers. A range of monthly funding amounts allow donations to be made through the Patreon platform for the ongoing work of Declassified Australia. It’s absolutely vital to its ongoing operation that readers are able to provide funds to Declassified Australia. While all original content on Declassified Australia remains free to read, some generous donors from time to time may receive various gifts such as merchandise. 

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One-off donations

Declassified Australia will consider the taking of one-off donations for the provision of individual journalism projects. Any such funds will be negotiated with the funder and will only be accepted if transparent, independent, journalistically worthwhile, and in line with the Declassified Australia ethos.

If you wish to provide financial support to the Declassified Australia project – either for the DA project as a whole, or for a particular focused story – please contact us to discuss the possibilities. You can contact us directly at DeclassifiedAus[at] .

Statement of financial independence and transparency

Declassified Australia does not accept any government or commercial funding, grants, sponsorship or donations for its independent journalism. Declassified Australia is a non-profit initiative that accepts donations made directly or through the Patreon platform, from individuals and independent, philanthropic bodies. The independence of all major donors will be transparently established and these major donors will be made public by Declassified Australia.