‘State capture’ by private interests explains why, no matter which major party forms government in Australia, powerful and well-connected industries always seem to win.  FELICITY RUBY and SCOTT LUDLAM16 MAY 2022 ‘State capture’ by fossil fuel, defence and other powerful industries is more systematic and entrenched than corruption but falls short of the definition ofContinue reading “DEMOCRACY IN DANGER”


Will the Australian election see an end to the great Australian silence on Palestine? ANTONY LOEWENSTEIN 11 MAY 2022 It’s one of the longest trials of a Palestinian in Israeli history with no end in sight. Israel charged a Gaza-based, World Vision Australia employee, Mohammed El Halabi, in 2016 with illegally diverting millions of dollars of aid money to Hamas. SixContinue reading “AIDING PALESTINE”


How a former Australian SAS soldier was hired to bring Russian and South African mercenaries to Libya to fight against NATO for President Gaddafi PHIL MILLER14 APRIL 2022 Colonel Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, contracted an Australian military veteran to bring Russian mercenaries to Libya during the Arab Spring.  Saif al-Islam Gaddafi paid the Australian former specialContinue reading “FIGHTING N.A.T.O.”


Australia’s hypersonic missile development, rather than promoting peace in the region, is helping ignite an arms race and increasing the chance of conflict. PETER CRONAU 8 APRIL 2022 Australia is already a long way down the track in developing nuclear-capable hypersonic weapons with the US and UK, despite a new announcement by the Australia-UK-USA ‘AUKUS’Continue reading “FAST TRACK TO ARMAGEDDON”


The weapons companies spruiking the ‘benefits and opportunities’ of the wars in Ukraine and Yemen and tensions in the South China Sea are infiltrating our schools. MICHELLE FAHY31 MARCH 2022 A Lockheed Martin missile blows up a school bus in Yemen, while in Australia the company gains kudos by sponsoring the National Youth Science Forum.Continue reading “REPUTATION LAUNDERING”