Here at Declassified Australia, we are facing a bright future.

by | 15 Dec, 2022 | commentary

Here at Declassified Australia, we’re facing a bright future – and we’re asking you to join us on the ride. We’re continuing to produce insightful investigative journalism on the secrets behind Australia’s presence in the world. After a year of existence, our writers have really shone!

Now we’re asking you to support us as we continue the mission of producing new, original investigative journalism.

So you can subscribe to Declassified Australia, using the Patreon site, linked below:

It’s been a wild ride since we launched a year ago. In the 52 weeks since then, we’ve published close to 30 original articles on issues such as the weapons industry and think-tankssocial media disinformation, Australian and New Zealand spying in the Pacific, and the fate of Julian Assange. We’ve examined surveillance, whistle-blowing, defence policy, lobbying and influence pedalling, espionage, free speech, and Australia’s wars. 

We’ve been thrilled to publish important new journalism from our growing stable of independent journalists.

We have extensive plans for the near future, with some startling new stories already in preparation. We’re intending to publish new investigations and expand our commissioning of new work. 

Declassified Australia is a not-for-profit news source and all the journalism is freely available on our website but we would really welcome your financial support!

Independent journalism requires support to continue and grow so please give whatever $ you can.

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