Australia’s hypersonic missile development, rather than promoting peace in the region, is helping ignite an arms race and increasing the chance of conflict. PETER CRONAU 8 APRIL 2022 Australia is already a long way down the track in developing nuclear-capable hypersonic weapons with the US and UK, despite a new announcement by the Australia-UK-USA ‘AUKUS’Continue reading “FAST TRACK TO ARMAGEDDON”


The UK/Australia special relationship PETER CRONAU AND ANTONY LOEWENSTEIN DECLASSIFIED AUSTRALIA 5 NOVEMBER 2021 Amid fears the new Australia-UK-US military agreement may provoke a future confrontation with China, past and present collaboration between Australian and British elites in military, intelligence, nuclear and immigration policies provide numerous causes for concern. Australia’s independence from Britain has beenContinue reading “PARTNERS IN CRIMES?”