The Australian media too often report the nation as a compliant ally of the US, UK and the Western alliance but ask few questions about why and what it really involves.

Declassified Australia challenges this narrative by publishing in-depth, unique and largely hidden stories that reveal the reality of Australia’s relationships with both democracies and dictatorships.

From the arms trade to whistleblowers, defence policy to surveillance, espionage to free speech, Declassified Australia also examines relations with other nations including Israel, China, Russia, and more.

Inspired by DeclassifiedUK, the vital conversation includes articles by both established and new writers providing original and noteworthy content that uncovers largely unknown aspects of Australia in the 21st century.

Established in 2021 and edited by investigative journalists Peter Cronau and Antony Loewenstein, Declassified Australia aims to provoke and inform. Ethics and accuracy are our guide and we abide by the MEAA Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

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